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PVC (flame retardant) sheathed cord

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【product name】: PVC (flame retardant) sheathed cord


【Model Name】: (Z-N-Series) RVV


【Nominal cross section】: Number of cores: 2-36 cores Section: 0.5-6 mm2 (flame retardant and fire resistant series);
  60227 IEC 52 (RVV) 0.5-0.75 (2-3 cores) 60227 IEC  
53 (RVV) 0.75-2.5 (2-5 core) RVS 1.0-2.5 (2 cores); RVV 1.5-6 (2 cores),
  4 (3-5 cores), 0.75-2.5 (6-10 cores)  (CCC series)


【Execution Standard】: The product implements GB/T5023-2008 and JB/T8734-2016 standards; the flame retardant and fire resistant type conform
  to GB/T5023-2008, JB/T8734-2016, 
GB/T19666-2005 standard provisions.


【rated voltage】: 300/300V, 300/500V


【Scope of application】: According to the use environment, the structural features are divided into round and flat. Suitable for control signal
  transmission lines, electrical equipment, instruments, automation equipment, security burglar alarm systems, high-rise buildings

  Intercom system, home lighting cable, etc.

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