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Medium voltage power cable

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product name: copper core (aluminum core) XLPE insulated PVC sheathed (flame retardant) power cable


Model name:  (Z- WDZ-series) YJV/YJLV, YJV22/YJLV22, YJY22/YJLY22, etc.


Nominal cross section: Number of cores: 1, 3 cores   Section: 1 core: 25-630 mm2; 3 core: 50-400 mm2


Execution Standard: The product implements the GB/T12706-2008 standard; the flame retardant, fireproof, low-smoke and halogen-free
  type meets the requirements of GB/T12706-2008 and GB/T19666-2005.


rated voltage: 35kV and below


Scope of application: Medium voltage cables with rated voltage of 6-35kV are often used in urban underground power grids, power station outlet
  lines,internal power supply for industrial and mining enterprises, and power transmission under river water.

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